Is there a better way to send a TXT on your iPhone?

Ever thought there has to be an easier way to send a TXT (or SMS) message instead of tapping it out on the iPhone keyboard?
Imagine how quick and easy it would be to send a TXT if there was

The good news is that there is.
It’s the Voice TXT option on your iPhone.
It’s a great new feature in iOS 8 that lets you send a brief (or longer) audio note from your iPhone (iPad/iPod or Mac).

Ever had anyone misunderstand a TXT you sent them?
Voice TXT solves the problem by adding the richness of your voice to convey more clarity and meaning.
And might even remove some of that ambiguity that can exist in a standard TXT message

So how do I do it?
It’s easy – here’s how
You’ll need to be on iOS8 or later – iOS 7 and earlier don’t support it

1. Open the Message App – the one you normally use to send a TXT (or SMS)
Messages Icon

2. Create a new Message (or open an existing Message)

3. Tap and hold the microphone icon to record a Voice TXT – and continue to hold for as long as you want to speak.

VTa1 VTa2

4. Let go of the microphone icon when you’ve finished what you wanted to say

5. You now have 3 options for your Voice TXT

  • Cancel it –>Tap the VT-X  button to cancel and delete the Voice TXT.
  •  Review it –> Tap the VT-Play button to playback the Voice TXT if you want to check it before you send it.
  • Send it –> Tap the VT-UpArrow  button to send the Voice TXT.

6. Once you’ve sent the audio message, both you and the recipient can play it until it expires.
This is what Sent and Received Voice TXTs looks like

To play a received Voice TXT tap on the blue triangle

Are there any “gotcha’s”?
1. You’ll need to be on iOS 8 or later – iOS 7 and earlier don’t support it

2. The other person needs to be on an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac with iMessage turned on
To turn it on go to Settings –> Messages –> iMessage. Set it to on

3. Messages you send expire and are automatically deleted from your device after 2 minutes (default setting)
To change this go to Settings –> Messages –> Audio Messages –> Expire. Set it to either After 2 minutes or After 30 days

Here’s an option that makes it even easier to send and receive a Voice TXT
Once you’ve mastered the basics, there’s an even easier way to do it.
Turn on Raise to Listen
This means you can listen to the incoming audio message by raising the iPhone to your ear.
It also lets you speak an answer to a TXT or Voice TXT by raising it to your ear

To turn it on go to:
Settings –> Messages. Scroll down to Audio Messages and turn on Raise to Listen

Give Voice TXTs a try now

You may be surprised how often you find yourself using them once you see how easy it is

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