How to use the Smart Alternative to Voicemail on your iPhone

Have you ever been frustrated by having to wade through a bunch of voicemails?
Not knowing who has left them and how long each message is.
Or, knowing you have 6 voice mail messages, having to go through the 1st 3, to get to the one you really want to listen to.
Not knowing how long it will take for each message.

Well there is an alternative to try if you’re on an iPhone (or iPad/iPod or Mac).
Apple call it Voice Messaging.
It lets you record and send a message to another iPhone, using the familiar TXT messaging App, as though it was a TXT (or SMS).
This means that the person receiving it gets to see who they received it from.
How long each message is.
And they can choose which order to review the TXT messages in.
Think that might be useful for you? And the people you communicate with?

That’s interesting – how do you do that?
To use it just tap and hold the microphone microphone1 to the right hand side of the entry field on the Messenger app where you send a normal TXT.
Say what you want to say then release the microphone microphone1.

Tap on the up arrow VT-UpArrow to send it.
Simple as that.
VTa1 VTa3

For more detail on using it click here to see my post on Is there a better way to send a TXT on your iPhone?

There’s a couple of “gotchas”
Firstly it only works when the recipient has an iPhone or iPad/iPod or Mac set up to receive it.

Secondly, you’ll need to ask others to leave you a voice mail in this way and not on your normal mobile voicemail.  You could include the request in your voice mail announcement.  Here’s a suggestion for updating your voicemail announcement:

“Hi, this is Campbell Such. If you’d like to leave a message please leave it after the tone.
And if you have an iPhone you could also leave me a voice TXT instead using the iPhone messaging App – by tapping and holding on the microphone to the right of where you enter a TXT. Thanks”

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Advanced User Tip
If you want to take it a step further then try the camera on the left hand side and send a Video TXT.

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